Summer Style

         We all know that when the summer is coming we need to choose our clothes with a lot of attention. I thought that I can show you some of my ideas.
To look good, you do not need to dress up with expensive clothes. 

So I choose one of my favorites looks that the biggest models have worn :

We will start the first fashion blog with Cara Delevingne. This is an easy look, but gorgeous in the same time. You just need a pair of denim shorts, a white T-shirt, black  sneakers, sunglasses and you can add a red hat, but the summer temperature will probably not allow you to wear it. You need to get your T-shirt in the shorts, if you want, because it will make you taller and more like a fashionista.

                                                                                    Short Denim


                                                                                   Linen-blend T-shirt


                                                                                  Twill Sneakers





Hope this have helped you!
Stay close for more


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